Dominique Hurley's life purpose is to explore and express her love of beauty and the beauty of love. She's followed her Spirit Calls around the world as an intuition expert, visionary artist, naturotherapist, educator and the creator of the Intuition Into Action Treasure Map: 5 Steps to a Happy Healthy Life. Her energy-infused art, intuitive readings, meditations, workshops, and writings are co-created to nourish your transformational journey.

Dominique’s paintings, photography and intuitive offerings are as much about the creative process as they are about the results – reflecting the dance of Spirit within the many layers of Nature and the Self. Her art has attracted healers and those on a path of personal and spiritual growth since the late 80s.

Although self-taught in the arts until her mid-40s, Dominique now has a Certificate of Professional Photography (BC) and a Certificate of Art and Design (SK). She also spent 10 months at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Austria, 1 month studying in Bali, and was artist in residence at the Awakening Arts Academy in Italy. In 2018, she was appointed godmother (featured artist) at the 22nd Atlantic Visual Arts Festival (FAVA in NB).

Dominique also has a Masters in Education (AB) and is a certified member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada but doesn’t call herself a healer. Her art, however, is a portal to the Universal Energy Flow, supporting your innate ability to heal yourself.

Learn more at www.DominiqueHurley.com

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